Baking Conversion Chart

Baking, in almost all cases, is a science with the right ingredients and proportions giving a beautiful and tasty end result. The recipes you find across cookbooks and the internet can come from any part of the world, each with different units of measurements. That’s when the problem arises. 1 cup of flour is NOT equal to 1 cup of butter! Also, my style of measuring 1 cup of flour might be different than yours! That’s why “weight” measurements make the most sense in baking. Trust me on this, invest in a digital kitchen scale and at least you can be sure you are as close the original recipe as possible in the ingredients.

When I started, I had to Google the conversions every time the recipe mentioned cups and spoons. Then I went ahead and wrote them all in my recipe book for easy reference, but I finished up all my pages in the book and started a new one so it’s tougher to track now (though for most of the regular ingredients I know the conversions by heart now 🙂 ). That’s when I decided to put them all together in a single chart that I can print up and put in my kitchen. Special thanks to my designer cousin Gauri for making this great pretty chart 🙂 (check out her portfolio of work here).

Join the ‘kitchen scale’ movement and weigh your ingredients.
Save the chart. Print it. Put it on your fridge.
Share it with friends.

Hope it helps you all as much it helps me!

P.S. These conversions are based on metric cups (1 cup = 250ml). The measurement for 1 US cup = 240ml. If you use this chart consistently across the whole recipe, it should work out fine 🙂


Header Vector Credit – macrovector / Freepik


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