A Little About Me

A blog is born when a hobby changes to passion, where experimenting leads to learnings, and where a ‘no interest in entering kitchen‘ converts to a baker/cook. Hi, I am Noopur Kawathekar Joshi and I welcome you to my kitchen! 

Though I have a background as a computer engineer and an MBA with 9+ years of working in IT industry,  I’ve found a passion towards baking over the last few years. It calms me down and keeps me distracted off the life’s troubles. It also gives me an immense pleasure to feed friends and family a creation of mine.

Baking is a science. The geek in me loves to understand what works, why it works and how it works. This blog is an attempt to catalogue all my experiments, learnings, recipes. I am also fascinated by the world of food photography and I am trying to incorporate what I learn into my pictures. Lot to learn 🙂

I do want to thank my various guinea pigs over the last few years – parents, husband, siblings, friends… Your lovely comments and encouragements inspire me to learn more and cook better 🙂

Best learning – ‘Cook with a generous dollop of love – love of food and love for people you are serving it to’.

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  1. Hello. Really like your Recipes and website. I’m a hobby home baker myself and love to bake and cook every now and then, and the engineer in me demands precision and un-ambiguity, and You have all the right information and really appreciate you convert everything to weights, which is very sensible. Wish you All the best in your endeavour and may be you’ll add some good savoury dishes in the future.

    • Thank you for your comment, it means a lot 🙂 My sweet tooth usually takes over when I am baking, but I’ll definitely try adding more savoury dishes.

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