A spicy sweet yummy start finally…

Over the last few years I’ve found a passion in cooking. It calms me down, keeps me distracted off the life’s troubles, and also gives me immense pleasure to feed friends and family a creation of mine.

As a kid I hated kitchen (was a tomboy so you can figure). Everyone in the family had the usual worries around ‘you are a girl what’ll you do when you get married’ and stuff. When I moved to Pune, I figured I cannot always eat outside for both monetary and health reasons, so ‘HAD’ to start cooking. Well, after lots of initial hiccups and some 6 years later, today I can call myself a decent cook 🙂 I guess I need to thank my genes to atleast get a ‘little’ from my mom’s amazing amazing cooking (whom my grandfather rightfully calls ‘annapoorna’).

My aim here is not to be a food-blogger (neither do I click that great pics, nor am I that regular in the kitchen to maintain a regular blog). This will be a one-stop for all the recipes I try and also the ones I want to try. I want this to be a reference guide for myself when I try to recreate some dish and also, put all my learnings into a blog so that I grow as a cook.

Lastly, I want to thank my various guinea pigs over the last few years – parents, husband, siblings, friends… Your lovely comments and encouragements inspire me to learn more and cook better 🙂

Best learning – ‘Cook with a generous dollop of love – love of food and love for people you are serving to’.


  1. Welcome , Like Son of Superman, Etc Etc, Be a Daughter of Annapoorna.

    Even , I call your Mother Annapoorna.

  2. And last but not the least keep cooking
    P.S. Why can’t we just eat and lick off the batter??? It’s a hundred times tastier than the cake.

  3. And remember be just the opposite of what ‘I’ am while cooking when you are cooking, it’ll “improve” your cooking…. 🙂

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